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We'll Get Through This Together

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Community Renewal

I volunteer at a community Food Bank which serves approximately 2,000 people a week's worth of groceries each month. The need for food has increased about 35% in our community.

The new face of hunger is no longer non-working people; it's now our neighbors, friends, family, jobless, state furlough workers, single parents. I am passionate about serving others as long as I possibly can.

To see the look in somebody's eyes thats never had to reach out for help before is heartbreaking. I feel their pain and empathize with them, alongside them and try to help get them other resources. I encourage them to get involved in our community in other ways.

We have lost everything in the past two years due to job losses, bad investments, 401K losses, etc. but I feel I've actually gained everything by being able to serve others compassionately and show them they are loved. Some day, I hope to be able run a non-profit helping people with essentials and connecting them to resources they need during tough times. These time can happen to any one of us and by the grace of God, my family is still surviving and I'll write to tell about it someday.

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