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HealthCorps®, Family Cook Productions and Urban Assembly School of Music and Art at Flatbush to Hold Their First Annual Teen Iron Chef Invitational Cook Off

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Students from 11 New York City schools competed in the first Teen Iron Chef competition of culinary skills and talent organized by HealthCorps®, Family Cook Productions and Urban Assembly School of Music and Art. Guest Judges included: Broadway composer Stepp Stewart; Chef Chris Cheung; School Food Chef William Dougherty, and an array of educators and culinarians. Four teams of four students created four dishes representing four cultures. The teams were judged on a variety of criteria, including: knife skills, food safety, organization, entertainment value, and taste and presentation.

This is just one of many programs co-sponsored by HealthCorps®, a proactive health movement responding to the obesity crisis through school-based health education and peer mentoring, in addition to community outreach to underserved populations—mostly Hispanic and African American. HealthCorps ( was founded in 2003 by cardiac surgeon Mehmet Oz.

Along with educating students about healthy lifestyle principles, HealthCorps® extends their mission to the students’ families and communities. Their goal is to shift the paradigm towards health and wellness now and for the future of our children.

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