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Fulfillment After Retirement

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Safety and Security

When I retired nearly four years ago, I never dreamed I would have so many interesting jobs and experiences. I am part of the Jefferson County SCSEP program and have been assigned to the American Red Cross Service Center in Bessemer, Alabama.

My community service assignment is to act as receptionist. However, I am now a volunteer and am receiving training in "Mass Sheltering", "Community Disaster Relief," "Client Casework" and "Health and Safety". I believe this training will prepare me to make a difference in the lives of people in emergency situations.

The job I do now puts me in touch with clients who are in need of assistance in paying their energy bills. I have learned that kindness and respect go a long way in putting our clients at ease in making these requests.

This summer has been especially busy because so many people who have never had to ask for assistance before are now having financial problems.

I am also volunteering in a voter registration drive in a senior independent living complex. I was amazed at the number of seniors who are not registered to vote. I hope to make a difference by signing them up.

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