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Supporting Our Troops and Their Families

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United We Serve

I wanted to share some news with you that the First Lady and I are excited to share on this National Day of Service and Remembrance.

As some of you may know, Michelle and I have been working together to find ways that we can support our military families. We have been meeting with Generals and their spouses, visiting bases, meeting with community and service groups to learn about what they are doing, what is working and how Americans can help. As the mother of a National Guardsman who is serving in Iraq, this is personal for me. I share the concerns, the anxieties, and the pride that come with being a member of a military family.

When our troops are deployed, their families are left behind with a completely different set of duties, and I have seen first-hand what a difference it makes when people reach out to show support, whether in school, in the neighborhood, or in the workplace.

That’s why Michelle and I are both happy to announce today that we have recorded a public service announcement which will hopefully encourage as many people as possible to join us in taking time to honor those who sacrifice for our nation. We each have the power to make a difference in the lives of service members and their families. Please join us in this effort with your own act of service.

- Jill

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