Teens from Interfaith Action’s Youth Leadership Program in Sharon, Massachusetts Join Global Effort to Eradicate Malaria

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Inspired by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation when they demonstrated how simple it is to save a life, this past summer two teens from Sharon, Massachusetts, created the “One Bag, One Life” campaign. Leah Zuroff and Andy Hanold created the slogan, logo, ordered 800 eco-friendly grocery bags on-line, and the campaign was off and running!

The large, attractive green eco-bags help the environment close to home. But more importantly, the profit from the sale of each $5.00 bag will help save a life. “Malaria is not a major threat in the United States,” says Andy, “but it kills 1 million people each year, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. What is shocking is that it is actually an easily treatable and preventable disease. Since malaria is transmitted through mosquito bites, the best way to combat this virus is to provide insecticide-treated bed nets that can protect up to three people at once.”

Leah and Andy’s vision is to educate everyone in Sharon, MA about malaria and how each resident, with just a few dollars, can help attain the UN Millennium Development goal of eradicating malaria. Throughout the year, Interfaith Action Youth Leaders sold the eco-grocery bags at events throughout the town. Included in each bag is an information sheet that describes the impact of malaria and about the world-wide effort to eradicate the disease.

Leah and her peer, Shira, helped train area middle and high school students to sell the bags. Other students from Interfaith Action’s Youth Leadership Program have continued the task as Leah moves on to college. These teens are empowered to help solve a complex global issue. They know that they can make a difference and will carry this knowledge with them throughout their lives.

This fall, Interfaith Action Inc. will host two FaithsAct Fellows, a program of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation in conjunction with the Interfaith Youth Core designed to mobilize thirty exceptional religiously diverse young people to combat death from malaria in various communities. This is sure to continue Interfaith Action’s commitment to ending malaria in new ways.

If you would like more information about the “One Bag, One Life” campaign, please contact office@ifaction.org, or call Interfaith Action at 781.784.0651.

“We hope you will join us in our efforts to prevent the spread of malaria. It’s as simple as this: one bag saves one life,” says Leah.

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