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Finding the Time to Volunteer

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I have been trying to "find the time" to volunteer for years at our local nursing home and finally decided to take the first step and began doing pet therapy with my Golden Retriever, "Kramer". I go once a week after an exhausting week of teaching school, on Friday afternoons.

I started back in May and it has changed my whole outlook on life. I have gotten more out of seeing the residences' smiles, their excitement, their love than I really can explain in words. I just feel so good inside that I feel like I'm going to explode! Not too many things in life do that to ya, you know.

Kramer wags his tail from the moment I tell him, "Are you ready to go to the nursing home?", until he is so exhausted and climbs back in the car when we are finished. He gives lots of kisses and love to each and every patient & resident. You should see how excited they are when they see him coming. I only hope if I'm ever in their situation, someone brings THEIR dog to visit me!!! (I'm 50) Volunteering is the BEST way to deal with the "Midlife Crisis"!

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