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As a professional athlete, Rams linebacker Chris Draft has had to deal with many challenges on the field. No challenge may have been bigger than trying to tackle asthma through every stage of his career. Chris knows the challenges of having asthma as an athlete, and that’s why he’s partnered with the National Lt. Governor’s Association to challenge coaches across the country to educate themselves about the challenges and dangers of asthma to athletes.

The Winning with Asthma campaign is a national movement created by the National Lt. Governor’s Association, featuring posters and literature aimed at coaches, nurses and students in high schools across the country. The Coach’s Asthma Clipboard program allows coaches across the United States to sign up for helpful hints and tips on helping their athletes with asthma maximize their performance on and off the field.

This national campaign has been joined by organizations across the country, encouraging people to join the Winning with Asthma movement. USA Football, the official youth development partner of the NFL, will reinforce the Winning with Asthma message to youth coaches in all 50 states. The National Parent Teacher Association will drive home the Winning with Asthma message to parents and teachers. The campaign has also partnered with United We Serve to encourage parents, coaches and youth to share their thoughts on the site. This academic year, the for a Healthier Generation, a partnership between the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, will take the message to schools across the country.

Chris currently serves as the National Spokesman for the Winning with Asthma campaign, the National Parent Teacher Association and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The Asthma Team™ is a partnership between families, children and organizations across the country that are working diligently to teach their community that asthma is manageable and that asthma attacks are preventable. As part of his Asthma Team™, Chris will invite one family of four affected by asthma to each of the Rams away games, with assistance from local American Lung Associations, AAFAs, and local hospitals.

The Asthma Team™ will continue to support this movement towards sustainable service by encouraging people to submit their stories to the Chris Draft Family Foundation website, www.chrisdraftfamilyfoundation.org.

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