'Day of Dignity' Expands to Help More People in More Cities

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Volunteers across the country are teaming with Islamic Relief USA in the annual 'Day of Dignity' effort to serve thousands of homeless and underserved people in 19 cities.

After eight years of organizing the event only during the month of Ramadan, Islamic Relief USA lengthened the 'Day of Dignity' effort to ten weekends and expanded to 19 cities. The event began August 15 and will run until December 6 providing beneficiaries with food, clothing, blankets, medical care, first aid, and other social services, Islamic Relief USA staff and volunteers will offer assistance to all who attend, regardless of their backgrounds.

For more information please contact Domestic Programs Coordinator, Karim Amin at karim@IslamicReliefUSA.org or visit www.dayofdignity.com

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