Intel Techies Build “Critter Cam” to Enhance Environmental Education at Nature Center

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At Intel, we strive to be an asset to our communities around the world. Under the Intel Involved Skills Based Volunteer program, employees are encouraged to use their professional skills to make a sustainable impact in their communities. One example is a team of volunteers from Intel IT in Massachusetts, who are assisting Massachusetts Audubon’s Drumlin Farm to identify, support, and implement a robust technology solution for use in a nature center setting.

The goal of the project is to engage learners and visitors through technologically aided interpretive materials that will be designed based on the center’s educational objectives, physical layout, and existing IT and utility infrastructure. After multiple meetings and site visits, the team is closing in on the selection of webcam technology that includes a night-vision camera trap and the identification of four test sites for cameras.

“This is an extraordinary effort and commitment from Intel’s volunteers!" says, Renata Pomponi, Drumlin Farm's manager. "They have been able to combine their technical skills in network design, content publishing, and security systems with their love of the outdoors to help us design and develop a system that will work in our dynamic outdoor, all-season environment. Whether they have been brainstorming on how to ‘chicken proof’ a night-vision camera or working with our IT professionals to overcome infrastructure limitations in a forest setting, it has been a pleasure to see their expertise and enthusiasm at work.”

The Intel volunteer teams on the ‘Critter Cam’ project have logged close to 60 hours to date. As an added benefit, their volunteer hours will be matched with a cash grant to Massachusetts Audubon, through the Intel Involved Matching Grants Program. This program encourages employees to follow their passions and get involved in their community by showing corporate support for volunteer time. Giving back is not a new concept to Intel employees, but we are excited to align with the United We Serve initiative to reinforce and reinvigorate the importance of community service.

Employees in IT, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, and more are helping to make a sustainable impact in their communities. Engineers are using skills in math, science, and technology to teach, tutor, and train the next generation by volunteering in education.All employees are encouraged to volunteer as individuals or with their business groups in their local communities.

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