Inspired by My Husband to Keep on Serving

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I am a Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Deputy at the Batavia, NY, Veterans Hospital and Representative at the NYSNH in Batavia, NY. I serve through the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 626, in the town of Alabama, NY.

I escort patients to the barber & beauty salon and to the clinic. I have only been able to dedicate one day a week, but when I visit my husband, Stanley John W. Sr, I will assist others when they need entertainment. My husband is a wounded Purple Heart veteran of WWII. He was wounded four times and had frozen feet to receive the equivalent of five purple hearts and a Bronze Star.

He signed me up for the American Legion Auxiliary and I have been working with veterans ever since. I also volunteer with the AARP/IRS to do income taxes for senior citizens, low and middle income clients. This takes any where from 6 to 10 months. I have clients call me after tax season to do taxes and to answer tax questions.

My greatest joy is assisting the veterans and senior citizens and low income people at no charge. Mostly I receive a thank you. I also serve in our local church: I have baby sat, taught Sunday School, served as church clerk, called attendees who haven't been in church to see if they have a need, driven seniors to appointments and to visit sick relatives or friends, audited SS, and Churchbooks.

I served as treasurer for our local Volunteer Department at the American Legion Auxiliary. I have distributed poppies made by veterans, helped serve luncheons in the church and fire hall and Legion hall. I am not done serving yet but I have slowed down since I turned 80. My life has been full of great joy through service.

Anna's pace of volunteerism exemplifies the lifetime of service that United We Serve seeks to foster. Inspired by her husband's service to our country, Anna has dedicated herself to making real the American ideal that we are all in this together. If you would like to care for a veteran, please reach out to your local American Legion post, local VFW post, or local VA facility and ask if you can volunteer for them. Also, try searching on "veterans" or "military" or "military families" or "troops" or "soldiers" or "Iraq" or "Afghanistan."

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