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Soldier's Angels

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My younger brother, Eric, and I have joined the organization "Soldier's Angels" (SA). While there are many subgroups within SA that do different things, Eric and I joined the “Angel Bakers” Group. Each month we receive the name of a Soldier, Marine or Sailor who is in need of a care package and some kind words.

We bake home made cookies, pick out some 'survival essentials' such as candies, socks, hand sanitizer, anything that would be of use to our Soldier or someone in his or her unit. We then mail the box off, anonymously, with a letter thanking them and their families for their service to our country and the sacrifice they make for us everyday.

I encourage all of my friends and anyone I come in contact with to join. There is nothing like brightening a stranger’s day with a thank you, and a kind gesture.

If you are interested in helping our service men and women please go to and find a group that interests you. The Holiday Season is coming, and we have thousands of troops that need our support!!!

Audrey is an employee of the United States Departmenf of Agriculture. While she has a full time job, she makes time to use her hobbies and skills to support our troops.

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