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Clean Water Awareness Turns into Lifetime of Volunteering

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I started interning with New Jersey Community Water Watch , which is a program ran by AmeriCorps and NJPIRG in a joint project. The program works by informing community members and students and encouraging them to be active stewards of their local water ways.  The program is focusing on the water problem that New Jersey faces, which is that we have the worst water quality in the nation.

I led the educational internship and taught over 500 children in a year. I also went away for a week, traveling up and down the state teaching children in inner cities, reaching Camden, Trenton, New Brunswick, and Atlantic City.

I am now an AmeriCorps member and I work for New Jersey Community Water Watch and I am the organizer for Ocean County College. Its rewarding and fulfilling, being actively engaged in your own community!

I plan to further my career with civic service by joining the Peace Corps and then one day applying to the United Nations. If you can volunteer just one day a week, helping out an organization, you will provide more help then you will ever understand.

Many people have to become involved in their communities and are aware of what’s going on. The power of knowledge is worth more than all the money in the world. So take the step and volunteer and then maybe one day become an active player in your community, If i can do it, so can you!

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