300 Volunteers Kick-Off Monthly Street Clean Up Initiative

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On Saturday, July 11th, over 300 volunteers turned out for the first of a year-long, monthly Downtown Skidrow Clean Up Initiative hosted by Korean Churches for Community Development, the Council of Korean Churches and Precious People.

This clean up was coordinated with the support from the Los Angeles Fire Department, the Los Angeles City's Sanitation Department as well as the Union Rescue Mission.

At the Kick-off event, Los Angeles Councilperson Jan Perry expressed her appreciation to the participants and mentioned the mutual committment of the city, as well as the participants to help the homeless off the streets and promote a safer and cleaner downtown area for business. Deputy Chief Emile Mack of the Los Angeles Fire Department also expressed his support of the event and appreciation of the Korean faith community in cleaning up the trash that was a major problem in the city.

Amongst the various volunteers, many parents brought their children to join in on the effort and expressed their interest in participating in this worthwhile event in the future.

As the President of KCCD it was great to see so many turn out for this event. KCCD and our partnering organizations are pleased to be responding to President Obama's call to service this summer through the United We Serve Campaign (Serve.gov) and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

So many of the Korean American churches have been involved in serving the homeless and helping them to transition off the streets. We felt that our Downtown Skidrow Street Clean Up Initiative would be another way to serve the homeless and to serve the city as well. We look forward to blessing the city and invite others who are interested to join us in this effort.

Hyepin Im is a member of the Corporation for National and Community Service Board of Directors and is the President of the Korean Churches for Community Development.

To find a similar initiative in your area, keyword search: "street clean up" or start you own by recruiting volunteers at Serve.gov.

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