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MillionTreesNYC is a 10-year initiative to plant and care for one million new trees throughout the City’s five boroughs. By planting one million trees, New York City will ultimately expand the City’s urban forest by 20%, provide New Yorkers important health, economic and environmental benefits, and create a more sustainable urban environment.

Since 2007 almost 4,000 citizen volunteers have planted over 248,000 trees, prioritizing neighborhoods with low canopy cover and high asthma rates for children. This achievement would not be possible without the much appreciated help of thousands of volunteers who help reforest the City during large-scale volunteer planting events where up to 20,000 trees in are planted in a day!

"I had a great time on Earth Day. It was great that we helped save our neighborhood by planting, and it was also fun. It is good that we supported and saved our community. I learned many things and I experienced so much by being there. I met new people and friends, I got photographed and helped others, and I learned that where I live is one of the most polluted places out of all boroughs. Fortunately we can help save it-and that's what I did. I had a great time.” This is a story that comes from a volunteer who participated in one of the tree planting events.

The next large-scale planting event is scheduled for October 24; please sign up online in our “Get Involved” section if you would like to register at

There are also smaller volunteer events, including community plantings done by grade school students and their families in neighborhood parks, and university plantings done by college students interested in greening their City.

The dedication of MTNYC volunteers not only helps to achieve a planting goal but also provides the opportunity for people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to join hands and “dig in” to shape a sustainable future for New York City.

MillionTreesNYC also runs volunteer programs to ensure that the newly planted trees thrive for generations to come. MillionTreesNYC is present in more than 50 schools and hopes to increase that number to engage more students in learning about trees and the role they play in taking care of our city’s environmental future.

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