Major League Soccer Champs Give Back at Home and on the Road

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The Columbus Crew, the 2008 Major League Soccer champs, took Washington, DC, by storm on July 13. First stop was the White House, where they were honored by President Obama for winning the championship and for serving their community.

“I want to salute these guys for donating so much time and energy to the Columbus community, and we thank them for participating in our United We Serve summer of service… That kind of spirit of service is what this White House wants to encourage in all citizens, but seeing it from professional athletes is especially gratifying,” the President said. (Full remarks)

After their White House visit, the team hosted a soccer clinic at Truesdell Education Center with kids in the DC SCORES program. The clinic was divided into six stations, with one for service-learning, one for literacy, and the rest for soccer skills. The kids got one-on-one time with the Crew players, taking shots on goal, practicing their dribbling techniques, and learning other tips from the pros.

DC SCORES uses soccer as a building block for teaching academics, social skills, and teamwork for urban youth. The program is an affiliate of America SCORES, which serves more than 6,000 youth in 14 cities using a combination of soccer, creative writing, and service-learning to help young people succeed in school and life.

Just before coming to Washington for their visit to the White House and DC Scores, the Columbus Crew sponsored a clean-up in the Linden neighborhood in Columbus, north and east of Crew Stadium.

Check out the video featuring defenseman Frankie Hejduk, midfielder Brian Carroll, shots of the Rose Garden visit and a Crew member enjoying quality time with a soccer ball while wearing a suit while the Washington Monument looms in the background.

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