Results of Grant Competitions

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is committed to open government and ensuring transparent, fair, and equitable grant application review processes. The following set of documents provide information pertaining to our grant application review processes for competitive grant-making programs. To learn more about our applicants, please see the “Database of Submitted Applications” at the bottom of this page.

CNCS is pleased to make these documents available, and hopes that applicants, potential applicants, and the general public find them useful.


Senior Corps

Social Innovation Fund

Volunteer Generation Fund

  • Volunteer Generation Fund Competition Overview: 2013 | 2014

Other Programs

Please note that the data provided is prepared and submitted by the applicant and extracted from the grant application. We do not edit or revise the data fields or narrative text before posting.

Database of Submitted Applications

Organization Name Location Application ID CNCS Grant Number/Federal Identifier CNCS Award Amount
Upper Lake, CA 12TN136835 12TNHCA002 $49,384
Chico, CA 11ND124315 $0
Atlanta, GA 12BI138423 12BIHGA002 $125,000
Atlanta, GA 13ED145856 13EDHGA001 $3,890,250
Atlanta, GA 15BI174080 $0
Pleasant Hill, IA 13AC145039 12ACHIA0020006 $260,847
Lansing, MI 13AC146428 12ACHMI0010006 $210,842
Endicott, NY 14ES157913 $0
Endicott, NY 15ES169027 $0
Renton, WA 12ES139514 10FXHWA0020008 $189,000
Northampton, MA 15SR165204 15SRAMA002 $147,182
Atlanta, GA 12ES141467 11FXHGA0020003 $351,000
Atlanta, GA 12AC133655 $0
Atlanta, GA 14SR154615 $0
Fresno, CA 14SR153656 14SRPCA004 $178,933
Gulfport, MS 11ND125931 $0
Columbus, OH 13SR143756 13SRNOH006 $74,045
Columbus, OH 12SR140753 $0
Winston Salem, NC 13SR144400 13SRSNC002 $59,434
Arlington Heights, IL 14SR153058 14SRNIL001 $180,118
Youngstown, OH 13SR144112 13SRNOH009 $51,543
New Philadelphia, OH 13SR144073 13SRNOH001 $66,777
New York, NY 12AC134420 12ACHNY0010005 $1,651,000
New York, NY 15AC168446 15ACHNY0010004 $1,601,470
New York, NY 11AC123858 $0


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