Results of Grant Competitions

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is committed to open government and ensuring transparent, fair, and equitable grant application review processes. The following set of documents provide information pertaining to our grant application review processes for competitive grant-making programs. To learn more about our applicants, please see the “Database of Submitted Applications” at the bottom of this page.

CNCS is pleased to make these documents available, and hopes that applicants, potential applicants, and the general public find them useful.


Senior Corps

Social Innovation Fund

Volunteer Generation Fund

  • Volunteer Generation Fund Competition Overview: 2013 | 2014

Other Programs

Please note that the data provided is prepared and submitted by the applicant and extracted from the grant application. We do not edit or revise the data fields or narrative text before posting.

Database of Submitted Applications

Organization Name Location Application ID CNCS Grant Number/Federal Identifier CNCS Award Amount
Boston, MA 12AC133397 10ACHFL0010004 $665,000
Boston, MA 13AC145651 12ACHFL0010001 $776,530
Boston, MA 15AC168393 15ACHOH0010002 $403,405
Boston, MA 15ES169999 15ESHSC0010001 $268,936
Boston, MA 13AC145786 12ACHNY0010009 $2,774,950
Boston, MA 15ND166909 15NDHMA001 $8,032,570
Boston, MA 13AC144969 12ACHDC0010002 $1,482,000
Boston, MA 15AC168392 15ACHNY0010003 $460,000
Boston, MA 15ES168121 14ESHTX0010001 $560,284
Boston, MA 12AC135455 12ACHMA0010004 $2,860,200
Boston, MA 13AC146003 12ACHMI0010004 $843,664
Boston, MA 12ND133391 12NDHMA001 $8,281,000
Boston, MA 15AC167442 15ACHFL0020002 $560,284
Boston, MA 12AC135760 12ACHCA0010002 $2,500,000
Boston, MA 15AC168390 15ACHOH0010001 $560,284
Boston, MA 14ES156781 14ESHOK0010001 $625,000
Boston, MA 15AC168267 15ACHFL0020003 $1,120,568
Boston, MA 12AC134222 12ACHIL0010002 $2,331,200
Boston, MA 13ND148789 13WNHMA003 $1,024,100
Boston, MA 15AC168570 15ACHLA0010001 $1,221,419
Boston, MA 11AC124385 10ACHFL0010002 $817,400
Boston, MA 12AC135014 12ACHNY0010002 $460,000
Boston, MA 15AC170230 15ACHTX0010004 $1,299,859
Boston, MA 13AC145297 12ACHNH0010001 $550,621
Dallas, TX 11AC122302 $0


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