Results of Grant Competitions

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is committed to open government and ensuring transparent, fair, and equitable grant application review processes. The following set of documents provide information pertaining to our grant application review processes for competitive grant-making programs. To learn more about our applicants, please see the “Database of Submitted Applications” at the bottom of this page.

CNCS is pleased to make these documents available, and hopes that applicants, potential applicants, and the general public find them useful.


Senior Corps

Social Innovation Fund

Volunteer Generation Fund

  • Volunteer Generation Fund Competition Overview: 2013 | 2014

Other Programs

Please note that the data provided is prepared and submitted by the applicant and extracted from the grant application. We do not edit or revise the data fields or narrative text before posting.

Database of Submitted Applications

Organization Name Location Application ID CNCS Grant Number/Federal Identifier CNCS Award Amountsort descending
Boston, MA 15RE176298
Blacksburg, VA 15RE175790
University Park, PA 15RE176088
Farifax, VA 15RE176301
Kenosha, WI 15RE175822
Anchorage, AK 15RE176110
Blacksburg, VA 15RE176317
Berkeley, CA 15RE175839
Providence, RI 15RE176113
Atlanta, GA 15RE176318
Baltimore, MD 15RE175874
New Orleans, LA 15RE176137
Wilmington, NC 15RE176323
Cambridge, MA 15RE175905
Wichita, KS 15RE176171
Miami Gardens, FL 15RE176347
Hattiesburg, MS 15RE175914
Beloit, WI 15RE176176
Charlotte, NC 15RE176193
Detroit, MI 15RE176380
Loudonville, NY 15RE175915
Pensacola, FL 15RE176197
Houston, TX 15RE176382
Seattle, WA 15RE175918
Mount Pleasant, MI 15RE176216


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