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Volunteer Generation Fund 2013

Executive Summary

The Massachusetts Service Alliance (MSA), a nonprofit organization that acts as the state commission on volunteerism and service, seeks to increase the number of individuals recruited to partake in meaningful service projects and volunteer opportunities through the Volunteer Generation Fund Grant in Year 4. We will select the National Performance Measure tracking the number of community volunteers recruited by CNCS-supported organizations or national service participants including number of hours of service contributed by volunteers. In the first three years of VGF, MSA established itself as a unifying leader within the sector in Massachusetts and identified and supported Volunteer Connector Organizations to help effectively utilize volunteers to address critical community needs. MSA will continue to support and expand upon our earlier VGF efforts through a four-part comprehensive strategy including: 1) enhancing our support for National Days of Service by encouraging specialized partnerships to heighten the impact of the volunteer projects; 2) promotion of the statewide volunteer awareness campaign, YOU Generate and the website to untapped audiences and a targeted outreach effort to increase the utilization of the volunteer management resources offered through this site; 3) incentive grants to service programs to inspire meaningful and innovative volunteer recruitment strategies; and 4) support to Volunteer Connector Organizations (VCO) through training and technical assistance efforts including direct support to a VCO taking part in a new national pilot initiative. In Year 4, MSA expects to recruit 11,000 volunteers for National Days of Service alone. An additional 500 volunteers will be recruited by service members through the small incentive grants.

Award Information

Application ID: 13VG153852
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 13VGHMA001
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