Kansas Volunteer Commission

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Kansas State Department Of Education
900 SW Jackson St Ste 105
Topeka, KS 66612 - 1212
(785) 296-8447
Volunteer Generation Fund 2013

Executive Summary

The Kansas Volunteer Commission has successfully leveraged the Volunteer Generation Fund, through its Volunteering Kansas project. The first phase of this project increased the capacity of nine volunteer connectors to recruit, manage, support and retain individuals to serve in high-quality volunteer assignments through intentional financial investments. Building upon the success of Volunteering Kansas, the KVC will launch a second phase in developing a strong volunteer infrastructure. During Phase II, KVC will invest in local volunteer connectors to 1) Create a skill-based volunteer initiative within their own organizations to increase their capacity to recruit, manage and retain volunteers and 2) Become the lead organizations in their communities to deliver trainings and technical assistance to local organizations wishing to implement a skill-based volunteer initiative to increase their capacity recruit, manage and retain volunteers to meet community needs. KVC will partner with the Taproot Foundation to create and deliver trainings and ongoing coaching for volunteer connectors in building a skill-based volunteer initiative. The KVC will award six sub grants to volunteer connectors. Each sub grantee will be required to opt into the same set of performance measures, which will allow the KVC to collect and report data in a uniform manner. Additionally, the KVC will host a mini-grant competition, with priority funding going to local organizations proposing to work with volunteer connector organizations to develop their own skill-based volunteer projects to increase their capacity to meet community needs. This proposal rests upon two goals and measurable objectives, which, with performance measures, outline the data collection and evaluation of this project. The applicant is the Kansas Volunteer Commission.

Award Information

Application ID: 13VG153850
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 13VGHKS001
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