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655 Broad Street, 2nd floor
Providence, RI 02907 - 1444
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Volunteer Generation Fund 2013

Executive Summary

In 2013-2014 Serve Rhode Island will dramatically increase the contribution of volunteerism and service to address the most pressing community needs by building and strengthening the structures and systems that impact both the supply and the demand for volunteers to work in community agencies and with community projects. With a $73,933 grant ($147,866 total program), SRI will: 1) enlist 1,900 new volunteers who will perform 9,500 hours of service, tracked in our HandsOn Connect database system; 2) provide targeted placements for youth, unemployed workers and seniors in 25 leadership nonprofits; 3) conduct 3 webinar and 1 half-day capacity-building training for nonprofits; 4) recruit and place 12 high-level professional volunteers and another 25 high-skilled volunteers to assist AmeriCorps subgrantees; 5) create a community service support and certification system for youth seeking to complete required service hours; 6) partner with 15 larger volunteer dependent nonprofits to create volunteer recruitment and management plans and place 60 highly skilled volunteers into ongoing skilled volunteer positions; 7) engage 65 parents, community and faith leaders as volunteers in each of two urban middle schools (130 volunteers total); 8) maintain our disaster volunteer mobilization capacity; 9) implement 25 large-scale service projects in schools, nonprofits and the community; and, 10) implement a news-generating marketing strategy without the costs of paid advertising and media to promote volunteerism and service with the Rhode Island public.

Award Information

Application ID: 13VG153810
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 13VGHRI001
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