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JVA Consulting, LLC

Contact Information

2465 Sheridan Blvd
Edgewater, CO 80214 - 1312
(720) 407-8390
Training and Technical Assistance Regional Training Conferences 2013

Executive Summary

Title: JVA Consulting

Lead organization: JVA Consulting, LLC, Denver, Colorado

Consortium organizations: N/A

Description of proposed activities, including topic areas:

With multiple former AmeriCorps members on staff, and with experience designing and delivering capacity building initiatives to myriad organizations and entities (including AmeriCorps and Senior Corps program sites), JVA is uniquely positioned to partner with the CNCS as it pilots this new initiative. By the end of 2013, JVA and a regional planning group will design and conduct a regional conference for the Southwest regional cluster, complemented by a robust package of customized webinars to meet the specific needs and interests of AmeriCorps and Senior Corps members throughout the cluster. All training will be informed by adult learning theory and best practices in training, and facilitated by expert trainers with subject matter expertise, and knowledge and passion for the work of the CNCS. Training will reflect JVA's understanding of programming and volunteer challenges in the vast geographic areas, and will encompass culturally relevant approaches in a diverse region.

Topic areas will include:

* Performance measurement and evaluation, program development using a theory of change; using evidence-based approaches; logic model development; evaluation planning, selection of instruments, data collection, data analysis and reporting; community-based methods; and program improvement

* Federal grants administration, program management and financial management

* Cultural competency and inclusiveness

* Collaboration/partnership

* Long-term financing and sustainability, including social enterprise

* Recruitment/retention of diverse populations

* Harvesting the "experience dividend" of older adults

* Career development and transferring AmeriCorps skills

* Other topics as identified by the regional planning committee

Amount requested: $74,987

Award Information

Application ID: 13TC149351
CNCS Award Amount:
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