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Office of Community Services
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RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

According to the "Where to Retire Magazine," Natchitoches is named the top 10 places to retire. This makes Natchitoches the prime location for retired individuals eager to volunteer. Of the 39,566 individuals in the parish, our seniors make up 9,988 (25.25%) of the population. Now the individuals that are currently retiring and settling down are from the baby boomer generation, which is a group of high skilled and educated people. These skills and education can be a great asset to improving the community in all aspects. These skills have contributed a great amount of success and accomplishments and there is no need for it to stop at retirement when they can be use to improve a life.

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program continues to enhance the quality of life of the senior population. These volunteers assist with special projects that address the issues of the community and economic development, public safety, literacy, and education. The various skilled OCS staff and Project Director tries to bring awareness about RSVP through various resources. They also with the assistance from the Advisory Board try to make the seniors aware of the various community and programs activities to keep the seniors actively involve in the community. The staff also hosts an event for the volunteers that recognize various accomplishments and time spent improving our community. They also recognize the board for their time in contributing to the program success.

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