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Chicago Irish Immigrant Support

Contact Information

4626 N Knox Ave
Ste 301
Chicago, IL 60630 - 4030
(773) 282-8445
RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 2 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

Chicago Irish Immigrant Support (CIIS) proposes to engage senior citizens in Chicago with volunteer opportunities. CIIS is poised to do this because 1) it already has an established presence in the senior communities on the north and south sides; 2) it has served seniors and immigrants in Chicago since 1998; 3) has the resources including staff talent and community connections to engage and establish volunteer stations throughout Chicago; and 4) Is part of the community it serves: 25% staff identifies as senior citizens, and 50% staff identifies as immigrants.

An estimated 624 RSVP volunteers over three years will serve the following populations: seniors, immigrants, low-income-Chicagoans, homebound OR older adults and individuals with disabilities, Chicagoans in need of support, services, education and/or referrals to alleviate long-term hunger.

They will provide the myriad service activities included in the RSVP Healthy Futures focus and others including, but not limited to accompaniments to appointments, companionships, food delivery, financial literacy assistance, transportation, food distribution, material distribution, elder abuse prevention, translation and interpretation through a network of approximately twenty volunteer stations/placement sites such as call-in center, community groups, other non-profit organizations, including but not limited to the Community Counseling Centers of Chicago, Irish Senior Connect, the Center on Halsted, the Illinois Coalition on Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Catholic Charities, the Irish American Heritage Center, and Gaelic Park.

The primary focus area of this project is Healthy Futures. At the end of the three-year grant, the following outcomes attributed to the Healthy Futures Focus area will be achieved: 432 homebound OR older adults and individuals with disabilities who reported having increased social ties/perceived social support, 120 individuals that reported increased food security of themselves and their children (household food security) as a result of CNCS-supported, 120 individuals that reported increased food security of themselves and their children (household food security) as a result of CNCS-supported services.

The CNCS federal investment of $219,390 will be supplemented by $32,404, which is 10% of the federal commitment through other CIIS grant monies.

Award Information

Application ID: 13SR144422
CNCS Award Amount:
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