Jefferson Parish Citizens' Affairs

Contact Information

1221 Elmwood Park Blvd.
Jefferson, LA 70123 - 0000
(504) 736-6100
RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

The Jefferson Parish Office of Citizens' Affairs was created by merging smaller departments. One of those departments is the Office of Senior Services. Senior Services addresses the needs of the more than 86,000 seniors residing in Jefferson Parish. The number of volunteers proposed is 340. The federal dollar

amount requested is $51,066. The service categories addressed are congregate meals; food

distribution/collection; mentoring; other human needs; and disaster preparedness. The community

needs addressed are rising food prices; food distribution/collection; mentoring; daily meals for seniors; and food availability.

A survey is the researched based method to address this need. The disaster preparation work plan will track the number of volunteers recruited for training. We will address free continuing education for seniors; center clerical assistance; hospital serving patients; seniors serving on local boards and disaster preparation.

A survey is the research based method to address community needs. Surveys will determine effectiveness of food pantries. Surveys will also insure congregate meal recipients benefit from companionship. We will track volunteers engaged in mentoring as well as track the percentage increase of residents registered for disaster evacuation. We foresee the outcome of food distribution/collection will be awareness of food access. Our expected outcome is the congregate meals will assist seniors in healthy living.

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Application ID: 13SR144410
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