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Nation Building International Ministry

Contact Information

601 Maple Ave
Apt 319
Cincinnati, OH 45229 - 3125
(513) 780-9459
RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

An estimated 30 RSVP volunteers will serve the targeted population of children 8-10 years old; ranging from grades three to five. The 30 RSVP volunteers will build relationships with parents, students, teachers, counselors and community personnel in order to support students through coaching, mentoring and serving as an advocate. They will serve through a network of on-site presentation in fifteen or more schools located in the Cincinnati School District's elementary schools. Each location will have no less than three and no more than six volunteer placements. The primary focus area of this project is Education. At the end of the 12-month performance period, we anticipate 30 or more students will show (a) 30 to 40% improvement in their academic studies, (b) a 20% decrease in negative behavior and (c) a 50% increase in self-improvement and self-awareness. The CNCS federal investment of $69,915 annual federal grant amount will be used to provide meals, transportation costs, recognition awards for our volunteers and assist with the program director position costs. Additional costs $2,915 is the anticipated level of non-federal resources that will be supplemented by NBIM and its fundraising efforts.

Award Information

Application ID: 13SR144275
CNCS Award Amount:
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