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RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 2 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

The City of Chicago's Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) was created in 2009 in order to provide more efficient service delivery for Chicago's most vulnerable citizens. The formation of DFSS resulted in the merger of several of the city's human services departments, creating a single department to address the service needs of children, youth, adults, seniors and a variety of special populations such as domestic violence victims, veterans, and ex-offenders.

DFSS' mission is dedicated to supporting a continuum of coordinated services to enhance the lives of Chicago residents, particularly those most in need, from birth through the senior years. The Department works to promote the independence and well-being of individuals, support families, and strengthen neighborhoods by providing direct assistance and administering resources through a network of community-based organizations, social service providers, and institutions.

The former Department of Senior Services became the Senior Services Division within DFSS. With over 50 years of planning, coordination and advocacy, DFSS' Senior Services Division serves over 200,000 seniors each year. Services administered by the Division include adult day services, care coordination, in home services, case management, well-being checks, emergency response, caregiver support, senior volunteer opportunities, and many more. All services are intended to improve the quality of life among seniors and help them remain as independent as possible.

Under this Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) proposal, DFSS is requesting federal funding in the amount of $222,924 in response to Illinois Opportunity #2R, per Appendix A, Part 2 (List of Available Funding Opportunities by State). DFSS proposes to deploy the required 80% of volunteers listed in Appendix A, or 500 volunteers, over the course of the three-year grant period, with 167 to be appointed in year one, 167 to be appointed in year two, and 166 to be appointed in year three.

DFSS will concentrate its efforts in the Health Futures Primary Focus Area and address each objective of this focus area. Our proposed project will address the needs of homebound seniors, increase seniors' access to nutritious food, and increase seniors' access to health care. DFSS will also incorporate Capacity Building through volunteer recruitment and address Other Community Priorities through meal programs. Over the three-year grant period DFSS will deploy 375 (75%) of RSVP volunteers in the Healthy Futures Primary Focus Area, with 325 (65%) assigned to activities that have National Performance Measure Outcomes. The remaining 125 RSVP volunteers will serve in the Capacity Building and Other Community Priorities areas.

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