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Oxnard, CA 93030 - 4646
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RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

Through the Oxnard RSVP, an estimated 470 volunteers will serve their community, forming an army of active older adults combating unmet community needs. They will help an expanding senior population tackle the limitations of aging, help low-income seniors stretch limited funds by providing extra food, and fight off the paralysis of isolation by creating a welcoming environment of free activities, classes and groups. For the hungry in the four cities served, they will help at the county food bank and its food pantries network: collecting, boxing and distributing food to about 74,000 people yearly. All these activities fall into our primary focus area of Healthy Futures.

Our returning vets will receive a smile and a new set of interview-ready clothes from RSVP volunteers serving at the Veterans Career Closet. And the capacity of three libraries will be expanded by the fund-raising efforts of volunteers.

Our network of about 40 partner agencies run the gamut of a small nonprofit which matches friendly visitors with elders to the county's largest food bank. In between we have partners that tutor disadvantaged youth, grocery shop for homebound seniors, match home-owning seniors with roommates, and help the homeless receive access to healthcare and legal assistance.

At the end of our 12-month performance period: 200 people will receive access to care help through about 23 volunteers; almost 100 seniors will have food delivered to their homes by about 30 volunteers; over 800 will age in place more comfortably through the help of 113 volunteers; and a battalion of 72 volunteers will provide supplemental groceries to about 1,000 seniors.

More than half those served through aging in place assignments, 500 seniors, will report they feel less lonely, have close ties to other people or are more satisfied with their life. Of those receiving supplemental food, about 700 will report it has made them more food secure.

We will accomplish this with a CNCS federal investment of $67,777, supplemented by $109,155 provided by our sponsor, the City of Oxnard (including $25,441 in "excess amount").

Award Information

Application ID: 13SR144047
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 13SRPCA010
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