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Bristol, CT 06010 - 6524
(860) 584-9533
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Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Bristol Community Organization, Inc. Bristol RSVP


The BCO Bristol RSVP program has operated for over 25 years. BCO Bristol RSVP will work to meet the goals of the Corporation for National Service Strategic Plan: Increase the impact of national service on community needs and to strengthen national service so that participants find satisfaction, meaning and opportunity and sustain a capable, responsive and accountable organization.

BCO Bristol RSVP will work with 293 unduplicated volunteers who will serve in 57 volunteer stations with a primary focus on Healthy Futures for community members who are disabled, aging or indigent. Currently, BCO Bristol RSVP has 102 volunteers who work in the Healthy Futures focus area. RSVP staff will work to develop the appropriate data instruements to document the outputs for improving access to care; aging in place; and access to healthy, sufficient food supply. Volunteers will work with hospitals, will deliver meals, will assist with therapeutic horseback riding, and will work in emergency food sites such as soup kitchens as well as helping out at food pantries. BCO Bristol RSVP volunteers will serve in four communities - Bristol, Burlington, Plainville and Plymouth CT - that are demographically and geographically diverse. The towns are urban, suburban and rural. It is expected that the BCO Bristol RSVP volunteers will increase the impact of their efforts using the new focus on performance standards and this increased impact will maximize the volunteer experience.

The federal funding level for the BCO Bristol RSVP program is: $73,418. And, the non-federal funding level is: $31,743. Total: $105,161.

Award Information

Application ID: 13SR143795
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 13SRACT001
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