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RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

Incorporated in 1965 as a Community Action Agency, Citizens for Citizens, Inc. (CFC) has as its mission to advocate on behalf of low-income residents and attack the causes and effects of poverty through the provision of direct and integrated services, the promotion of self-sufficiency, and the advancement of social change. In support of this mission statement Citizens for Citizens, Inc. seeks to continue to operate its RSVP Program as follows:

- Number of unduplicated RSVP volunteers serving or that will serve: 362

- Types of populations that they will serve: pre-school children needing school readiness preparation, students in grades K-12 needing remedial help in literacy and math, low income residents who are required to file tax returns and/or would benefit from filing same such as by obtaining refunds including tax credits such as the Earned income tax credit (EITC); service area residents whose asset development efforts would be enhanced by financial literacy education; low income residents without health insurance; homebound senior citizens in need of hot and nutritious meals; homebound nursing home residents in need of companionship; area residents who are either patients or visitors of patients at area hospitals; area residents requiring financial assistance because of mental health issues; service area residents who utilize public libraries and/or senior centers; low income residents utilizing soup kitchens and food pantries.

Primary Focus Area: Education -- School Readiness and Succeeding in Kindergarten through 12th Grade

- Volunteer service activities -- Education: (1) Tutoring public and faith based school students in math and literacy skills; six volunteer stations in Fall River and Taunton; 200 students will improve math and/or literacy skills (2) assisting CFC Head Start teachers in improving students' school readiness skills in 10 different classrooms at CFC's Head Start Program; outcome -- 250 students will show gains in literacy and math skills. Economic Opportunity: (1) preparing tax returns or otherwise assisting at CFC's VITA Program and (2) providing financial literacy information; 1,000 tax returns will be prepared and 500 individuals will be provided with financial literacy information. Volunteer stations = 1 Healthy Futures: (1) outreach activities in support of CFC's Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment Program; 1,000 residents will be provided with information on health insurance , access and benefits; Volunteer stations = 1 (2) delivering hot meals to homebound senior citizens; Volunteer stations = 6; (3) providing companionship to homebound nursing home residents; Volunteer stations = 4 Other Community Priorities - hospitality service at area hospitals; operating thrift store to support area residents with mental health issues; support staff at area senior centers and libraries; soup kitchen and food pantry support; Volunteer stations = 15

Federal Funding Level - $44,411

Non-Federal funding level - $30,400

For all proposed service activities an emphasis will be placed on outreach to veterans and military families so as to make them especially aware of the various types of assistance available. This will be done by the actual service activity volunteers because of their first hand knowledge of the benefits offered. Outreach will be done through area organizations serving veterans and military families with which CFC already has a working relationship.

Award Information

Application ID: 13SR143718
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 13SRAMA003
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