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RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

The Mississippi County RSVP has been sponsored by the East Prairie Chamber of Commerce since its inception in 1973. The East Prairie Chamber is requesting $31,986 federal funding dollars to support 85 unduplicated volunteers in 11 workstations throughout Mississippi County. The non-federal amount of funding is $29,024.12 and provided through county senior taxes.

RSVP will address the following service categories; Disaster Services, Education and Healthy Futures. The primary focus for this application will center on disaster preparedness and recovery. The RSVP Program will serve disaster affected families, children living in poverty, frail and disabled seniors, and veterans in crisis situations.

Data collected from the Mississippi County Long Term Disaster Recovery Committee will determine the case load that volunteers will assist. The volunteer service activity will include working with families affected by disaster. Over a 12 month period it is expected that 100+ seniors and families will be once again self sufficient. Volunteers will be placed in the local food pantries to help assist during emergency food crisis. Approximately 2400 families will receive supplemental food from the local food banks. Volunteers will assist by distributing and/or delivering food to those families in need. Local Nutrition Centers will house volunteers to help serve and distribute nutritional meals to seniors. Approximately 1,159 nutrition meals will be served and 3,720 meals will be delivered to homebound seniors monthly. Donated school supplies will be distributed by volunteers with distribution centers located at the north and south end of Mississippi County. An estimated 600 children will receive a back pack with the basic school supplies required for the new school year. Volunteer staff will assist local schools in the distribution of "Back Packs for Fridays" which contains ready to eat food that is non perishable and meets nutritional guidelines. At the end of the school year RSVP anticipates that 400 families will receive nutritional food on weekends and holidays.

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