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RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

THE NUMBER OF UNDUPLICATED RSVP VOLUNTEERS: An estimated 400 RSVP Volunteers will serve in Sacramento County, Sutter County, and the city of Roseville.

TYPES OF POPULATIONS THE VOLUNTEERS WILL SERVE: RSVP volunteers will serve children, low income families, seniors, veterans, and animals.

PRIMARY FOCUS AREA THAT THE PROJECT WILL ADDRESS: The primary focus area of this project is education. At least 100 volunteers will be placed in assignments that support children in this focus area.

EXPECTED OUTCOMES OF THE VOLUNTEER SERVICES: At the end of the 12-month performance period, 75% of children that participated in RSVP supported programs will demonstrate gains in language arts.

VOLUNTEER SERVICE ACTIVITIES: In the Primary Focus Area, volunteers will assist children with their reading, comprehension, writing, and listening skills. Volunteers will participate in other activities, such as delivering meals, providing companionship to the frail and homebound, tutoring adults in reading, assisting veterans and military families with needed services, teaching disaster preparedness, and helping partner agencies with volunteer recruitment and fundraising.

LOCATIONS OF THE SERVICE ACTIVITIES AND NUMBER OF STATIONS: RSVP Volunteers will serve in a network of 60 volunteer stations, such as preschools, elementary schools, senior centers, food banks, law enforcement offices, libraries, and other non-profit and public agencies.

THE FEDERAL AND NON-FEDERAL FUNDING LEVELS: The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNS) federal investment of $106,935 will be supplemented by at least $47,252 in non-federal cash and in-kind resources received from Sacramento County, Department of Human Assistance, partnering agencies, and individual and community donations. This amount will meet the 30% match requirement.

Award Information

Application ID: 13SR143259
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 13SRPCA008
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