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Executive Summary

Legal Applicant: Senior Services Plus, Inc.

Mission: To provide opportunities and resources to individuals as they age.

Vision for the future: "Everyone Aging Successfully"

Senior Services Plus, Inc. is the leader in aging for Southern Illinois. Senior Services Plus, Inc. is a non-profit (501c) agency established to help enrich the lives of older adults through programs and services that encourage independent living including Transportation, Meals on Wheels, Congregate Meals, Home Healthcare, an affordable wellness program, Medicare assistance, energey assistance and much more .

Senior Services Plus, Inc. serves Madison, Jersey, Macoupin, and St. Clair counties in Illinois.

The focus of this project would be to recruit and place RSVP volunteers in a variety of community settings and utilize their diverse cultural, life experiences and educational backgrounds for volunteer's efforts to support community. RSVP volunteers will assist and support community initiatives for literacy, health and wellness, senior companionship, Meals On Wheels as well as emergency and disaster preparedness. The potential community partners will be identified by the RSVP Coordination and Advisory Committee as well as accept referrals from the senior social service and United Way agency network. The community partners that are selected for this project will be based on their mission and agency vision that complements the community building focus of the RSVP program. The RSVP volunteers will participate in activities that have a direct impact on CNCS's focus areas and can be measured through the performance measurements and objectives identified in the work plan. SSP will utilize our 39 years of experience and background of program implementation in senior services and as a Foster Grandparent program provider to develop supports of our RSVP senior volunteers at the community sites where they participate. These supports will be identified and implemented as part of the memorandum of understanding with SSP and Community partners.

Organizations we have ties to and will partner with in RSVP include women's shelters, children's halfway homes, homeless agencies, unemployment and training offices, drug and/or alcohol rehab centers, Head Start, and latch-key programs. Schools, libraries, hospitals, community colleges, senior centers, employment centers, and centers for the disabled and many more. The people walking through the doors here at Senior Services Plus, Inc. on a daily basis have immediate exposure to materials that will promote the programs offered at the computer centers. In addition, our marketing will focus on placing our informational brochures, fliers, and resources at all of the unemployment offices, offices that work with those on food stamps, churches, free or reduced-fee health clinics, the food pantries, and any other entities that might be frequented by people who might benefit from having access to broadband technology and the programs that will be offered to them. Clients already using any of our senior centers will be directed to other centers, if those centers offer programs that are aligned with those clients' needs. The program will implement "coaches" who will act as a liaison between the various entities and the clients to monitor program availability and client progress so as to make recommendations about adjustments that might be needed to our programs.

Senior Services Plus (SSP) is the leader in Aging in Madison and Jersey Counties. We operate the following program that will be leveraged to benefit RSVP volunteers and clients.



SSP delivers over 600 meals per day in 22 townships to help end senior hunger for home bound seniors. Home-bound seniors, regardless of age, qualify if approved by the Visiting Nurses Association. People under the age of 60 and disabled who would like to participate in the Meals-On-Wheels Program may be eligible based on a Department of Human Services assessment. Individuals who would like to use our Meals-On-Wheels Program may do so for a private pay fee of $5 without an assessment from the VNA. Temporary delivery of home-delivered meals is also available for those recovering from a physical setback such as surgery, illness, injury, etc. after hospitalization. This program is funded by Area Agency on Aging of Southwestern Illinois, who funds part of the meal, the remainder is funded by a suggested donation. No senior is refused a meal regardless of their ability to make a donation. SSP provides 118,000 meals throughout Madison and northern areas of St. Clair Counties each year.


(Based on the Mathers Lifeway Model of Chicago) OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - serving Breakfast and Lunch Monday --Friday, 7:00am -- 1:00pm. Daily breakfast and lunch specials served. Serving Madison County's Best Hamburger. Can't make it to dine at the Grill? Well we deliver Lunch to local businesses in the Metro-- East Mon.--Fri. from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. orders need to be called in or faxed 10:00 a.m. PHONE (618)465-3298 ext. 101 and ask for kitchen or fax orders to (618)462-6277 forms available at Minimum $10 order plus a $2 delivery charge and 7 mile delivery radius from SSP. The grill is private pay and the revenue from the School House Grill offset the cost of the Meals On Wheels program.


The Cafe Meal Program provides an atmosphere of relaxation, friendliness, and camaraderie; a variety of nutritional options, and is open to anyone age 60 and older. The daily special conforms to the USDA Daily Cafe Meal Program, are approved by a registered dietician, and then prepared by our certified staff. We do ask for a suggested donation of $3.00 per person to help offset the costs associated with the program. Those under the age of 60 are also welcome to dine with us for a fee of $5.00 per meal. Dining sites Locations: Senior Services Plus, Granite City Township, Marian Heights Apartments, East Alton Township Apartments, and Westfield Independent Living Facility in Belleville. This program is funded by Area Agency on Aging of Southwestern Illinois, who funds part of the meal, the remainder is funded by a suggested donation. No senior is refused a meal regardless of their ability to make a donation. SSP provides services throughout Madison and northern areas of St. Clair Counties.


Senior Services Plus's Information and Assistance (I&A) department provides seniors and people with disabilities a place to learn about -- and apply for -- assistance programs. I&A also ensures that seniors with limited incomes are able to effectively access resources provided by federal, state, private, and community organizations. This program is funded by Area Agency on Aging of Southwestern Illinois for any Madison County resident, age 60 or above, or who is disabled is eligible for help from an Information & Assistant Specialist. SSP covers all of Madison County except for Collinsville and Granite City and serves about 7,000 individuals a year. SSP also is a SHIP site. Information and Assistance specialists can provide information regarding:

* State and Federal programs

* Circuit Breaker/IL1363/IL CaresRx

Applications/License Plate discounts

* Legal Aid

* Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

* Notary Public

* Senior Health Insurance Program

* Assistance with any and all Medicare issues

* 911 Emergency Assistance

* Telephones

The SSP I & A department also started a sliding scale private pay service called Independent Lifestyle Solutions, (ILS). These services are provided for seniors who require additional assistance on maintaining their independence. The ILS program is provided through two services:

Budget Wise

Basic assistance with daily budgeting through referrals to AARP. Budget Wise would be specifically geared at helping senior's aged 60+ budgets their daily money. Our staff would first set up a meeting at the client's home to perform an initial assessment. This assessment would be a flat $90.00.

The assessment would be a lengthy questionnaire. The point of the assessment is to understand the client's finances better. For example, what are their sources of income? Is it directly deposited into the client's checking or savings accounts? What are they struggling with? Paying bills? Having enough money budgeted to buy groceries and prescriptions? Also, the assessment is a tool that can help us find what needs (other than financial) our client has and what other programs at SSP the client would benefit from. After the assessment, our staff would set up a bi-monthly schedule to meet at the client's home. We would help the client sort through mail and bills. While sorting through papers, specifically bank statements, we would keep an eye out for signs of financial neglect or abuse. A red flag, for example, would be the client has had an increase in ATM withdrawals but the client is homebound. Our staff would also check utility bills to make sure the client is not close to being shut off because of forgotten payments. Another thing our staff would do is double check to make sure that the client's personal checkbook matches their bank statement. If a client is becoming forgetful and missing payments, we would look into automatic bill pay as an option.

Lifestyle Assistance for the Independent Senior

* Home Organizer (organizing family photos and keepsakes, helping client downsize)

* Personal Shopper (refer client to CCP)

* Liaison for the senior (especially if family members do not live in the area)

* Activities locator (trips, community involvement, fitness or wellness activities)

* Time Management Coordinator (calendar planning and coordination of activities)

* Monitoring behavior (i.e. hoarding, mental instability, physical deterioration)

* Referrals to appropriate Information and Assistance services, CCU/CCP services, Meals on Wheels or Transportation Services

* Cell phone set up (adding contacts to phone, helping client understand features)

* Email set up (adding contacts to email account, helping client use email to keep in touch with family or friends)


Transportation is available to residents of Alton & Godfrey, 60 years and older. This program is funded by Area Agency on Aging of Southwestern Illinois, who funds part of the ride, the remainder is funded by a suggested donation of $2.50. No senior is refused a meal regardless of their ability to make a donation. Rides limited in availability and are only partially funded so offset the costs we ask for a donation. When funded rides are exhausted, rides can still be scheduled for a private pay fee. SSP is waiting on the Medicaid Transportation contract for providing transportation for Medicaid funded transportation services. SSP also does private pay transportation for groups.

Faith & Action Volunteer Program

Volunteers provide transportation assistance to seniors 60+ living in Alton and surrounding areas. (Including Missouri)


The SSP Homemaker program provides in home assistance with daily activities of living, household tasks, grocery shopping etc. for individuals and their families so that they can continue to live independently in their own home. SSP Homemaker Aides provide care for anyone 18 years of age or older, whether they require long-term care, or for a short period such as an injury, post-natal care, or just to give a family caregiver a break. We provide free needs assessment, so that we can tailor your care to your needs. SSP Homemaker services provide services for over 700 seniors a year with over 175,000 hours annually. We are the second largest agency in our area and the only one that does pre employment and random drug screening. We are funded by the Illinois Department on Aging or Private Pay. Home-bound seniors aged 60 or over may qualify to receive Homemaker service. To see if you qualify, the Southwestern Illinois Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) must perform an in-home assessment.per hour. SSP has Homemaker offices at the following locations:

Private Duty services are offered throughout the Madison, Jersey, Macoupin, and St. Clair counties in Illinois.

Community Care Program

SSP Home Care also provides home care service through the Illinois Department on Aging Community Care Program (CCP) throughout Madison and St. Clair County. To begin receiving assistance through our Community Care Program, the Visiting Nurses Association must perform a free in-home assessment. To qualify you must be:

* 60 years or older

* U.S. citizen or legal alien

* A resident of Madison, Jersey, Macoupin, or St. Clair counties Illinois.

* Annual, non-exempt assets of $17,500 or less.


Last year the local Foster Grandparent Program, sponsored by Senior Services Plus in Alton, enrolled 134 low-income seniors who volunteered at 44 different sites throughout southwestern Illinois including elementary schools, Head Start programs, schools for the disabled, teen parenting programs and alternative schools. These volunteers provided 108,141 volunteer hours of tutoring and mentoring to children in our local school districts who were at risk of falling below grade level. Teachers reported through year-end evaluations that 94% of students who met with a Foster Grandparent demonstrated improved reading performance by the end of the school year. In addition, these skills had an overall impact on students' performance as teachers reported an 88% improvement in overall academic performance including math, science, and social studies.While the children benefit from the extra attention they receive from the volunteers, the teachers appreciate the extra help in the classroom, including the positive influence of an older role model. School administrators report that these volunteers influence children in many critical areas not reflected on test scores, such as the ability to build trust in a child, bring a child out of his or her shell, instilling confidence in a child, and teaching a child how to show patience, respect and consideration for others.


SSP coordinates many Day and Extended trips, both foreign and domestic, for people of all ages, no matter where you reside. SSP travels to vacation spots throughout the United States and overseas, special events, festivals, and local attractions. Senior Services Plus also, offers games to crafts to exercise classes, computer Classes, Quilting, Woodcarving, Pinochle, Bridge, Euchre, Bingo Driver's Safety Classes, and a variety of clubs.

Community Out-Reach

SSP goal is to educate the community about services available to the community and to build working relationships and support. SSP staff is available to provide presentations on services offered at SSP and or how to support programming for seniors.


OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - ages 16 and up! Open Monday-Friday, 5:30am-9:00pm, Saturdays, 8:00am -3:00pm, Sundays, 10:00 -- 2:00pm. Membership is only $150.00 per year for ages 16-54, $75 or $100 per year for 55 and older. Fitness classes for all levels of fitness from chair e exercises to Zumba, Kettle Bell, Body Bar and more. Personal training is also available at the center or at your home. We are a participant of the Healthways Silver Sneakers Program. If you are 60 or older and have a Medicare Supplement, you may be eligible for a free Wellness Center membership.

Get Fit Inside & Out Meal Plan

Enjoy healthy balanced meals through the day without the hassle of shopping or preparing yourself. Fresh convenient portion-controlled meals are prepared weekly for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Get Fit Inside & Out

Personal Training, Group Fitness Classes, Monthly Body Fat Testing & Measurements, Weekly Weigh Ins, Before & After Pictures, Nutritional Guidance, Weekly Support Group, Motivation, and Support and Guidance.

Support Meetings, Nurse On Duty, and Meal Plan Programs are Open to SSP Wellness Members & the Public ages 16 and up. Individuals can attend one or all support meetings and registration not necessary.

Senior Services Plus is Requesing $120,000 for 150 RSVP volunteers during the 2013 program year.

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Aging in Place

K-12 Success

Disaster Assistance Provided

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