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RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

An estimated 193 RSVP volunteers will serve in this RSVP Primary Focus Area. RSVP volunteers will provide food delivery, transportation, companionship, companionship-Department of Veterans Affairs through a network of six volunteer stations such as Office On Aging/Meals on Wheels, three Independent Living Homes and Veterans Home.

The Primary Focus Area of this RSVP project is Healthy Futures.

At the end of the 12-month performance period of the third year, the anticipated outcomes are: Number of homebound older adults and individuals with disability and Veterans who reported having increased social ties/perceived social support, with 193 RSVP volunteers serving 700 homebound seniors to live in their own homes independently.

The CNCS federal investment of $47,488.00 and will be supplemented by $33,364.00.

Award Information

Application ID: 13SR143009
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 13SRSTN004
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