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RSVP 2013 Competition Appendix A Part 1 Funding Opportunities

Executive Summary

The City of Burbank is applying for funding for continuation of its 40 year RSVP project. Through the contributions of the Burbank RSVP, 457 volunteers will address unmet community needs, serving the Burbank community in the focus area of Healthy Futures. They will help a growing senior population tackle the limitations of aging, help low-income seniors stretch limited funds by providing services, and decrease the likelihood of isolation and depression by providing services, activities, classes, groups and companionship. Programs that address hunger will be provided with RSVP volunteers supplying the manpower.

At the end of our 12-month performance period: 1300 people will receive services that enhance their ability to remain independent through the service of 457 volunteers. 500 clients will receive food assistance.

More than 50% of those served will report they feel less lonely, are not hungry, have close ties to other people or are more satisfied with their life.

We will accomplish this with a CNCS federal investment of $43,019 supplemented by $134,101 provided by our sponsor, the City of Burbank.

Award Information

Application ID: 13SR142890
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 13SRPCA009
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