Building Responsible Intelligent Creative Kids

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PO Box 995
Newark, NJ 07101 - 0995
(248) 388-1930
School Turnaround AmeriCorps State Competitive Direct FY 2013

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Building Responsible Intelligent Creative Kids (BRICK) Academy will operate a 10-month/year School Turnaround AmeriCorps Program. Seventeen full-time and six part-time AmeriCorps members will work alongside highly effective teachers in seven under-performing Pre-8 schools in Newark, New Jersey. Members will serve as classroom interventionists who will remediate the learning deficits of the lowest-achieving students. They will also recruit and supervise 75 volunteers to conduct afterschool student activities, provide other school support and school-community engagement activities. Members and teachers will jointly receive training and professional development in classroom intervention theory and practice. Coordination of the turnaround effort among multiple school sites will create economies of scale. CNCS's investment of $266,000 will be matched with $258,406 and will achieve these annual program outcomes for 600 students who start the (ED 1) during 500 school and afterschool hours (SIG 1): 100% of students will improve in ELA and math skills by an average 1.5 grade levels (ED5); and 100% of students will demonstrate improved school engagement (ED27).

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Application ID: 13ND149912
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