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City of Albany - Department of Youth and Workforce Services

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175 Central Ave
Albany, NY 12206 - 2937
(418) 434-5207
School Turnaround AmeriCorps State Competitive Direct FY 2013

Executive Summary

Executive Summary

In 2011, the Fourth Grade ELA Achievement Levels for the City School District of Albany's targeted elementary schools were:

L1 L2 L3 L4

Arbor Hill Elementary 7 (15%) 36 (77%) 4 (9%) 0

Giffen Elementary 5 (11%) 29 (66%) 9 (21%) 1 (2%)

Schuyler Achievement 12 (26%) 28 (60%) 7 (15%) 0

Sheridan Preparatory 13 (25%) 28 (54%) 10 (19%) 1 (2%)

In review of such data, it is clear that the four schools identified are in need of much support and help. It is also understood that these schools are strategizing in the area of curriculum and teacher improvement plans. The Department of Youth and Workforce Services (DYWS) believes strongly that the presence of AmeriCorps members in each identified school at the appropriate grade level as teacher helpers will be of great value. Therefore, it is anticipated that a new approach through AmeriCorps funding -- Albany School Turnaround -- will have a positive impact on Albany students in the areas of literacy and math. Tutoring students under the watchful eye of the classroom teacher will be their job intervention. This will take place in the classroom with responsible, well thought out curriculum.

* The DYWS believes strongly that the availability of 60 AmeriCorps slots (22.86 MSY's) in the classroom from Pre K to 4th grade will be of great value and support to the classroom teachers in this grade range.

* Under the guidance of the classroom teacher and support teacher-mentors, these AmeriCorps members will support the teacher's efforts to increase student literacy skills.

* Intervention will take place in the classroom in the form of individual or small group instruction.

* This project will take place throughout the 2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2015-2016 school years.

* Outcomes will be measured with AIMSweb (letter sounds, fluency and comprehension) Fontis & Pinnell and NWEA for screening students.

* The DYWS is requesting a CNS investment of $303,261 to complement the DYWS match of $125,218.

* The DYWS believes this is a good investment because the cost of providing additional teacher aides to each of the classrooms would exceed $1M within the four targeted schools which is not attainable in today's fiscal climate.

* Each AmeriCorps member will be assigned 2 students to work with 3 times a week to insure confidence, trust and security throughout the academic year.

Award Information

Application ID: 13ND149667
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