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School District No 1 Multnomah Co

Contact Information

PO Box 3107
Portland, OR 97208 - 3107
(503) 916-3447
School Turnaround AmeriCorps State Competitive Direct FY 2013

Executive Summary

The AmeriCorps School Turnaround Collaborative comprises eight eligible Title IA Priority schools in the following three public school districts: Bethel, Oregon City, and Portland (the lead agency and applicant). A cadre of 50 AmeriCorps members (32.5 MSY) will work with the administrative team, teachers, counselors, students, and families at each eligible school to increase educational achievement and high school graduation rates, consistent with Oregon's Common Core State Standards and adopted college/career readiness standards. Ockley Green, Rosa Parks, and Woodlawn in Portland, serving grades PK-8, rank in the bottom 5% of high-poverty schools needing assistance in turning around student achievement and growth based on Oregon's approved 2012 ESEA flexibility waiver. The other five schools are ESEA School Improvement Grant (SIG) recipients: Kalapuya High School in the Bethel School District; Oregon City Service Learning Academy in the Oregon City School District; and King Elementary School (PK-8), Madison High School, and Roosevelt High School in Portland Public Schools (PPS). The School Turnaround Collaborative will focus on the following CNCS areas: (1) Increasing graduation rates through strategies such as early warning systems, credit-recovery programs, and re-engagement strategies; and (2) Establishing a school culture and environment that improve school safety, attendance, and discipline and address other non-academic factors that impact student achievement, such as students' social, emotional, and health needs. Over three years, members will address students' multiple needs through evidence-based and culturally relevant interventions including family/community engagement, homework assistance, tutoring, credit recovery, attendance monitoring and support, and project-based learning integrating STEM/STEAM. The CNCS investment of $423,485 will be matched with $130,204 (24%).

Award Information

Application ID: 13ND149399
CNCS Award Amount:
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