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School Turnaround AmeriCorps Commission State Competitive FY 2013

Executive Summary

Saint Paul Public Schools is requesting funds under the 2013 Minnesota AmeriCorps State School Turnaround Funding Opportunity for Maxfield Elementary School and Humboldt Senior and Junior High School. Both schools are participating in the School Improvement Grant (SIG) program. If awarded, we anticipate the strategic sharing of members between schools as opportunities and need arise. Providing members experience in both an elementary and high school setting will enhance the member experience; members get to work with populations that differ in age and racial makeup. In addition, member will get to work in different parts of Saint Paul, in a setting ranging from an elementary school of 400 students to a high school with 1,100 students.

Ten AmeriCorps members will serve at Maxfield Elementary School. At the end of the three year grant period, over 700 students will have come into contact with an AmeriCorps member, and we will see significant increases in our math and reading proficiency scores, as well as significant decreases in office referrals, especially for that small group that currently generate so much activity in this area. This project will focus on the CNCS areas of K-12 Success.

Twenty seven AmeriCorps members will serve at Humboldt Junior and Senior High School. At the end of the three year grant period, nearly 1,400 students will have contact with an AmeriCorps member, resulting in increased math and reading proficiency rates and we will see a decrease in office referrals. We expect continued increases in graduation rates, as well as more students applying for post graduate work, in part as a result of demystifying the college application process and increasing college financial literacy among students and their families. This project will focus on the CNCS areas of K-12 Success and Post High School Ed Success.

Between the two schools, some 2,100 students will be affected. For this project, Saint Paul Public Schools match of $343,918 represents 41.2% of the project costs, well in excess of the 24% requirement.

Award Information

Application ID: 13AC149672
CNCS Award Amount:
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