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10530 Page Ave
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 246-3460
Senior Corps Relinquishment RSVP FY 2012

Executive Summary

The aging of Northern Virginia's population is a trend with great implications for the community, area local governments and the nonprofit service sector.  The 2010 Census shows that the population in Virginia age 65 and older grew by 23.3 percent over the past decade (national rate was 15.1 percent).   Seniors in this region tend to be better educated and expect a mentally-challenging and physically-engaged lifestyle.  Baby boomers are aging in place; 70 percent of Northern Virginians age 55 and over are choosing to grow older while remaining in the area.  
With this proposal, Volunteer Fairfax wishes to build on the foundation of the previous RSVP program and more strategically serve the entire region administered through a Volunteer Fairfax led-initiative with satellite offices at Volunteer Arlington and Volunteer Alexandria. This RSVP coalition would be known as the Northern Virginia RSVP Volunteer Center's Coalition (NV-RSVP-VCC).
The three partnering volunteer centers have been serving their communities for a combined total of more than 75 years.   They have deep-seated relationships with the community including its volunteers, community leaders, government agencies and the nonprofit sector.  Each has independently identified the need to engage in targeted outreach to the 55+ residents from their respective communities.
The NV-RSVP-VCC vision would serve the Northern Virginia community in three ways:  
1. Reinstate the previously successful RSVP programs, but revise the model of operations to reduce replication while maintaining a strong local community presence.  The program would encourage growth within all three local-level jurisdictions throughout Fairfax and Arlington Counties and the City of Alexandria.
2. Address the skilled, 55+ population who want opportunities to contribute to their community through a skilled-volunteer corps. These individuals can assist in management, operational and strategic planning and mentorship of nonprofit organizations.  
3. Engage the large retired military community located in Northern Virginia through additional workstations/partnerships with established military-serving nonprofit organizations.   
Based on the formula provided by Senior Corps, this RSVP grant will enable the NC-RSVP-VCC to serve 566 area senior volunteers.  This initiative provides the vehicle for the three agencies to more actively collaborate, improve upon the former model, and re-energize older adult volunteer engagement to benefit Northern Virginia.

Award Information

Application ID: 12SR140888
CNCS Award Amount: $220,500.00
CNCS Grant Number: 12SRSVA008
12SR140888 (pdf)
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