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50 Utley Dr
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Camp Hill, PA 17011 - 8031
RSVP New 2012 Relinquishment Funds Competition

Executive Summary

RSVP of the Capital Region, Inc., is a self-incorporated, free standing agency. Capital Region is a 40 year CNCS grantee, covering five counties, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, and Perry, in southcentral PA. This application adds the relinquished counties of Lancaster and Lebanon and the adjoining, currently unserved York County, which is encircled by the existing and relinquished counties.

Mission: RSVP of the Capital Region provides meaningful volunteer opportunities for persons 55 years of age and older and provides measurable value to the community.

Proposed unduplicated volunteers: 681

Requested funding: $238,350

Service Categories: RSVP of the Capital Region offers volunteer opportunities that fall under a broad base of service categories principally emphasizing children's education and their improvements in basic skills and school preparedness, Healthy Futures, disaster preparedness, and additional offerings allowing services for Veterans and families.

Community Needs: Matching the broad base of service categories are a myriad of community needs centering on keeping seniors independent in their homes, improving reading and math skill levels in children, preparing children for school, assisting with disaster preparedness, and providing services to Veterans within the VA Medical Center at Lebanon and local Veteran Service Organizations.

Methodologies: Service activities to address each PFI activity are outlined in the workplans. As examples: Independent living for seniors centers on providing nutritious meals, access to food, and socialization. Programs to increase academic skill sets focus on individualized and small group tutoring

Anticipated Outcomes: Outcomes related to each PFI activity are outlined in the workplans. As examples: Seniors will remain independent in their homes through access to food through Meals on Wheels, congregate meals, fresh produce co-ops, and Senior Share boxes and socialization though Telephone Reassurance Programs. Tutoring and out of school time programming provides for improved basic academic skills.

Award Information

Application ID: 12SR140829
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 12SRAPA013
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