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North Hills Community Outreach

Contact Information

1975 Ferguson Rd.
Allison Park, PA 15101 - 3235
(412) 487-6316 3111
RSVP New 2012 Relinquishment Funds Competition

Executive Summary

With the motto "People Helping People" North Hills Community Outreach Inc. is an interfaith organization addressing the basic human needs of people in crisis, hardship and poverty, with the vision of a sharing community where no one is cold, hungry or alone. In 2010-11, NHCO assisted 5,753 families and seniors in need.

Three hundred RSVP volunteers will be recruited, oriented, trained, assigned and supervised to make a positive impact on critical human and social needs within our service area and to provide a high quality experience with will enrich the lives of volunteers. The program director will develop and manage a system of six volunteer stations to provide a wide range of placement opportunities that appeal to persons age 55 and over. The project's total cost is $64,479 with $57,862 requested from CNCS.

The project will address the following four service categories:

Independent Living -- Seniors, with 160 RSVP volunteers transporting 700 frail seniors and adults with physical disabilities to medical appointments and shopping, with the anticipated outcome that 90% remain independent at home.

Disaster Preparedness, with 30 RSVP volunteers trained to assess affected household needs immediately following a disaster, using a cloud-based mobile application, with the anticipated outcome that 80% of affected households report timely relief efforts following a disaster.

Benefits Assistance, with 20 RSVP volunteers screening low-income applicants for eligibility for utility and rental assistance programs, and helping them complete program forms, with the anticipated outcome that 80% of families receive needed financial assistance.

Food Distribution/Collection, with 90 RSVP volunteers coordinating food drives and gathering food donations from grocery stores and community gardens, with the anticipated out that $300,000 worth of food is collected and distributed to a 20% increase in low-income families.

Award Information

Application ID: 12SR140809
CNCS Award Amount:
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