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1301 S 48th St
Quincy, IL 62305 - 8736
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RSVP New 2012 Relinquishment Funds Competition

Executive Summary

John Wood Community College is the legal name of the applicant. JWCC has been the sponsor of Adams County RSVP for 38 years and is excited about the proposed RSVP expansion into Pike and Brown Counties. John Wood Community College District #539 encompasses all of Adams, Pike & Brown Counties and parts of Hancock, Calhoun, Schuyler, Cass, Morgan, and Scott Counties in West Central Illinois. The College operates a main campus in Quincy, IL as well as five satellite learning centers. These five centers include the Kinscherff Center and the Workforce Development Center, in Adams County, the Pittsfield Education Center and the Perry Agriculture Center in Pike County, and the Mt. Sterling Learning Center in Brown County.

The John Wood Community College mission is to provide the highest quality education opportunities and services, fully accessible, at affordable levels in an attractive, caring and safe environment that meets the needs of a diverse community. Our current program, Adams County RSVP's, mission is to engage persons 55 or older in volunteer service to meet critical community needs and to provide a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of the volunteers. Both missions will guide our proposed RSVP expansion into Pike and Brown Counties. We would expect to change the organization name to RSVP of Adams, Pike and Brown County or Tri County RSVP when we re-apply for our next three year cycle.

The number of volunteers proposed with this application is 200. The dollar amount requested is $105,000 for an 18 month project. Service categories addressed by RSVP of Pike and Brown Counties include: Veterans Programs, Education, Healthy Futures, and Food Security.

Community needs addressed by RSVP of Pike and Brown Counties include: (1) Provide trained volunteers to assist with Veterans programs. (2) Provide volunteer support to area organizations. (3) Provide volunteer mentors to "at risk" high school students and adult education students. (4) Provide transportation for local residents to attend medical appointments. (5) Provide meal delivery to homebound and elderly citizens.

Anticipated outcomes of Adams County RSVP include: (1) Provide programs to improve lives of area Veterans. (2) Assist area agencies to meet critical needs in the areas of health, human services and education. (3) Provide support to at risk students to improve school dropout rate. (4) Provide transportation means for area residents in need to have improved health care services. (5) Provide meals to area elderly population who lack the resources to receive adequate nutrition.

Methods we will use to assess the above outcomes include: conducting telephone and written surveys, keeping activity logs and training attendance sheets.

Award Information

Application ID: 12SR140373
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 12SRNIL010
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