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Richland County Health Department

Contact Information

1201 West Holly
Suite 1
Sidney, MT 59270
(406) 765-7907
RSVP New 2012 Relinquishment Funds Competition

Executive Summary

Mission: The Richland County Health Department is dedicated to cultivating individual and community involvement in all aspects of our health, safety and wellness by empowering people to capitalize on available resources to achieve our highest quality of life.

The Richland County Health Department (RCHD) has sponsored RSVP for eight years. Established in 2002, the program covers the counties of Richland and McCone in eastern Montana. RSVP of Richland and McCone County has 10 years of experience providing programs and services centered on impact-based programming. RSVP supports Richland and McCone County by addressing the community needs identified through community assessment and strategic planning: independent living, mentoring of youth, disaster preparedness.

Last year alone, 320 elderly and or disabled individuals were able to remain living independently in their own homes with the assistance of 119 RSVP volunteers through weekly phone calls, home visits, and referral to needed services. We are requesting $157,000 to increase the counties' ability to address community needs of independent living, and other community and economic development. The quality of life of residents of Roosevelt, Daniels, and Sheridan Counties in Montana will be greatly improved by the efforts of local RSVP volunteers.

Award Information

Application ID: 12SR140361
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 12SRPMT013
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