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Social Innovation Fund 2012

Executive Summary


United Way Salt Lake (UWSL), the lead intermediary for the proposed UWSL Promise Partnership Social Innovation Fund (SIF) is a non-profit organization that meets the definition of a non-profit under 34 CFR 77.1(c). For more than 100 years, United Way of Salt Lake has served and strengthened the Salt Lake community. During the past century, United Way of Salt Lake has changed as the community has changed.

Over the last decade, UWSL has moved from the traditional United Way model of resource development and distribution only to a model that utilizes staff expertise, board leadership, and community relationships to develop comprehensive and integrated approaches to create measurable impact on core community issues. Acting as a researcher, convener, facilitator, resource developer, change agent, monitor of results and reporter of outcomes, United Way of Salt Lake mobilizes the community to increase civic engagement, put additional resources to work, and address core problems.

Today, United Way of Salt Lake and its community partners are working toward the development of long-term solutions in the areas of education, income, and health. UWSL coordinates programs and services in 25 easily accessible Neighborhood Center locations in six neighborhoods to create cradle-to-career support for the entire family. At these centers, children and adults can access programs and services to promote learning and development, gain resources to become financially self-sufficient, and meet health care needs. In 2011, UWSL granted $4 million to more than 80 non-profits partners that support this overall effort.

UWSL proposes an issue-based Social Innovation Fund with a priority area focus of YOUTH DEVELOPMENT and designed as a CRADLE TO CAREER PIPELINE leading to enhanced ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY. UWSL has developed "Promise Partnerships" in six communities in its service area: 1) Clearfield, UT (Davis County); 2) South Salt Lake, UT (Salt Lake County); 3) Kearns, UT (Salt Lake County): 4) West Valley City, UT (Salt Lake County); 5) Salt Lake City, UT (Salt Lake County); and, 6) Park City, UT (Summit County), in which subgrantees are likely to be located.

The overall objectives for the UWSL Promise Partnership-SIF Youth Development are below.

Pre-K Objective: Significantly increase the proportion of children who will enter kindergarten ready to learn;

K-12 Objective: Significantly increase the proportion of students who achieve on grade level in reading, math, and science;

College and Career Objective: Significantly increase the proportion of students who graduate from high school prepared for and subsequently completing post-secondary education.

The UWSL Promise Partnership-SIF requests $1,000,000 from the Corporation for National and Community Service for the first year of a four-year project with an overall budget of $6,453,004. UWSL is prepared to provide a one to one match for each year of the project in order to meet the above objectives of the SIF. In addition UWSL is committed to providing significant programmatic and evaluation guidance and assistance to the SIF subgrantees.

The UWSL Promise Partnership-SIF addresses the 2012 priority by addressing early learning, fostering student achievement in Language Arts, Math, and Science, and significantly increasing the proportion of students graduating from high school with the capability to complete a degree in post-secondary education. UWSL believes that no single program can solve complex social challenges in isolation.

This UWSL Promise Partnership-SIF is designed to address the answer to the question -- What is necessary for children, youth and adults to reach their potential through education? In a community assessment in 2010 sponsored by UWSL, the key findings were: 1) Having high quality early learning opportunities; 2) Having high levels of achievement in grades K12; 3) Receiving a high school diploma; and, 4) Completing postsecondary education. UWSL has adopted a Cradle to Career Pipeline / Collective Impact model as the theory of change which is designed to bring about community level transformation in each of these areas.

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