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Social Innovation Fund 2012

Executive Summary


The GreenLight Fund (GLF) is a nonprofit grantmaking institution working in Boston, Philadelphia, and the Bay Area.

GLF is applying as an issue-based SIF focused on closing the achievement and opportunity gap for 20,000 low-income children and youth.

GLF's priorities are driven by local needs related to closing this gap in 3 cities and our primary outcomes include:

1. Improved school persistence and academic achievement

2. Increased high school graduation and GED attainment

3. Increased college access, credit accumulation and degree completion

Our model is concentrated on importing and sustaining innovative, high-performing nonprofits serving low-income children and youth in the cities where we operate. So while our portfolio organizations may be headquartered in cities across the country, GLF is focused on launching and growing their local sites in the three GLF cities.

GLF is applying to the SIF with Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) as our evaluation partner. P/PV will support our request for proposals and selection, providing technical assistance to subgrantees in evaluation planning and performance management.

GLF is requesting $1 million over 1 year from CNCS, $800K of which will be awarded in subgrants. We have secured a $500K contribution toward our matching funds from John Simon. In addition, Mr. Simon has expressed willingness to fully fund the first year match requirement of $1 million as necessary.

Our proposal is focused on children and youth ages 0-24. Depending on local needs, some of our subgrantees may work explicitly on improving economic well-being, while others will address this through improving educational achievement or degree completion.


The GLF Fund proposes a SIF that works toward closing the achievement and opportunity gap for 20,000 low-income children and youth in Boston, Philadelphia, and the Bay Area.

To do this, GLF will identify local needs in areas research has demonstrated are critical to closing this gap: kindergarten readiness; school engagement, success, and persistence; college access, credit accumulation and completion; and alternative pathways for high-risk youth. GLF will select organizations based on evidence of their ability to achieve the above-stated outcomes for low-income children and youth:

In addition, GLF will support subgrantees to accomplish the following results:

- Increase levels of evidence and respond and adapt to evaluation

- Build capacity to be self-sustaining beyond SIF funding

- Achieve as strong or stronger outcomes at the local site than nationally

GLF's experience over the last eight years has demonstrated thatreplication and scale of high-performing national nonprofits is mosteffectively accomplished with strong participation and support at the local level. By including key local stakeholders in the diligence, selection, andsupport processes, GLF ensures that our portfolio organizations enter the community with strong local buy-in and the technical assistance and network of relationships needed to ensure long-term sustainability and growth.

In each of our three cities, GLF has a local executive director (ED) who works with a Selection Advisory Council (SAC) to identify critical community needs and select and support organizations with proven potential tomeet these needs with significant, measurable impact. Based on this model, GLFand P/PV will manage a selection process with input from the local SACs that attracts programs from around the country with a track record of success ineach city's areas of greatest need.

GLF provides grant funding of $150,000 to $300,000 according toevidence of success and organizational capacity. Additionally, local GLF EDs will support talent recruitment, board and donor development, and targetedtechnical assistance to help subgrantees successfully integrate locally. P/PV will provide intensive evaluation assistance including planning, selection and oversight of a qualified local evaluator, and performance management training.

Since 2004, GLF has supported 6 national organizations to expandto Boston, investing nearly $4 million and leveraging almost four times that inadditional local and national funding for the Boston sites. Our evaluationpartner, P/PV, has 35 years of experience conducting research that leads tobetter services and outcomes, evaluating programs, and providing high quality technical assistance.

Award Information

Application ID: 12SI138953
CNCS Award Amount:
CNCS Grant Number: 12SIHMA001
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