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Social Innovation Fund 2012

Executive Summary

Founded in 1939 by volunteers, United Way of Broward County (UWBC) is a 73-year old grant-making institution committed to focusing and uniting the community to create lasting change that impacts people's lives. UWBC is the largest, long-standing private community-based not-for-profit human services funder in Broward County, Florida. UWBC competitively bids more than $6,000,000 annually to not-for-profit agencies to address economic opportunity, education, and health. UWBC meets these community needs by uniting donors, organizations, and volunteers to measurable initiatives and results with the greatest impact and outcomes. Through its funding acquisition and distribution roles, UWBC works to advance the common good by engaging in community change activities and funding services throughout Broward County. In this capacity, UWBC has made progress addressing community challenges and improving the lives of individuals and families.

Based on best practice research in economic opportunity and prosperity, and through its work in a two-year income mobilization project in concert with United Way Worldwide, UWBC has chosen the Center for Working Families (CWF) as the most promising model to meet the economic needs of Broward County residents. UWBC, which is currently funding a small CWF demonstration project, has targeted its next major economic opportunity procurement on expanding both the number of families who benefit from the CWF model as well as from programs that help families achieve economic success sooner. The CWF mission is to assist low-income families reach financial stability. This mission is accomplished through integrated services in employment, income, and financial services/asset building that support low-income families to attain economic success.

UWBC has committed to promoting individual and family financial stability in its community by convening a collaborative partnership to address multiple issues facing individuals and families in need.

UWBC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) grant making institution that helps to address Broward County's critical human services issues through the procurement and provision of grants for programs and initiatives focused on economic opportunity, education, and health. UWBC submits this application to the geographically-based FY 2012 Social Innovation Fund Cooperative Agreements in the priority area of economic opportunity.

UWBC seeks funding to procure services that grow its CWF initiative. CWF model is framed as "Earn It - Keep It - Grow It" that UWBC uses to identify and emphasize financial success.

UWBC's investment improves the following key measurable outcomes: enhancing career planning, strengthening financial planning, increasing income, accumulating savings, decreasing debt, and gaining and sustaining assets. UWBC's investment targets the highest risk neighborhoods and communities in need throughout Broward County, which is the second largest metropolitan area located in southeast Florida. This includes geographic areas of economic deficiency and ethnic diversity. UWBC's investment includes the leveraged collaboration of several community agencies to select, support, monitor and evaluate the sub-grantees as well as implement the initiative. These include, but are not limited to, state agencies for workforce innovation, children and families, banking institutions and credit unions, housing authorities, social service providers, universities and other educational and vocational academies.

UWBC seeks a grant amount of $1,000,000 annually for the proposed five (5) year grant period, a total of $5,000,000 to support this project for five (5) years.

With this grant, UWBC's match - and the funding leveraged by UWBC's project collaborators - UWBC will fully implement CWF, a nationally proven and recognized model for economic opportunity and prosperity for individuals and families. UWBC will accomplish this through an effective sub-grantee selection, promotion, and evaluation process. Already after only one year of UWBC's existing demonstration project, the following outcomes have been achieved: 75% of clients entering the program have been retained, 100% have created a career plan, 100% have been screened for public benefits, 85% have completed at least one financial education class, 72% have developed, revised, and maintained a budget; 121 clients have been placed in employment.

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