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AmeriCorps National Planning Grant FY 2012

Executive Summary

The Mocha Manual Foundation and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, seek an AmeriCorps planning grant to support a yearlong planning process to develop The First Food Project , a national program intended to put a multi-generational group of women and mothers to work, building the infrastructure, systems change and community resources for increased breastfeeding engagement in communities of need. While considerable focus has been given to improving food options for school age children, the fact remains that in disadvantaged communities across the U.S. even infants are suffering from poor health, diet related disease and becoming obese children. Members will address the preventative health needs of these infants, particularly in local nodes of crisis, defined as "first food deserts" and provide multi-component community interventions to support increased breastfeeding, including, early prenatal visits, peer mentoring, home visits, infant health education, group classes and community workshops, while working with hospitals and community influencers, such as schools, local businesses, faith-based organizations and child care facilities. Program activities will primarily be in the area of Healthy Futures/ Health & Nutrition.

Award Information

Application ID: 12ND136838
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