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AmeriCorps National Direct FY 2012

Executive Summary

CLEARCorps (CC), a past AmeriCorps grantee, will recruit 150 veterans who are low-income, unemployed or underemployed. They and 750 volunteers, including 375 volunteer veterans, will serve 31,920 low-income veteran family members living in 9,120 seriously substandard homes that have numerous major safety and health hazards. Specifically, they will deliver an array of simple, low-cost hazard interventions, such as: installing smoke alarms, child safety gates and carbon monoxide detectors; removing poisonous chemicals; testing for radon; and remediating lead-based paint. We have sites and established programs in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Newark, NJ, Omaha, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, OR, Providence, RI, Seattle, Twin Cities, and Washington, D.C., where we are usually the only nonprofit offering such a program. By the end of Year 3, we will cut the average risk of fires, chemical and CO poisonings, indoor injuries, lead poisoning, asthma attacks, and other safety and health harms in these units almost in half. For many hazards found, we can virtually eliminate the risk. Our project covers CNCS Focus Area Veterans and Military Families. A CNCS grant of $1,875,000 will be matched with $2,631,000 over three years.

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Application ID: 12ND136627
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