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AmeriCorps National Direct FY 2012

Executive Summary

Four hundred forty one AmeriCorps members will leverage an additional 2,500 volunteers to provide critical legal services. At the end of the three-year period, 7,000 veterans and 120,000 vulnerable individuals will receive critical legal services. In addition, 1,200 people will receive housing services, with 225 transitioned into safe, healthy, affordable housing. This project will focus on the CNCS focus areas of Veterans and Military Families and Economic Opportunity. The CNCS investment of $1,627,750 will be matched with $1,372,915.

The project will begin August 1, 2012 and end on September 30, 2015. AmeriCorps members will provide critical legal services to veterans and other vulnerable populations, engage volunteer law students and lawyers, educate community members about legal rights and responsibilities, and develop legal education materials. The activity will take place at non-profit legal aid organizations throughout the United States, with a mix of rural and urban placements.

Award Information

Application ID: 12ND136164
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